00 I Ok, how how many times did you go to Melbourne?
03 S Um ... once
04 I [There's ....
04 S [ only once, yeah.
05 I But it's really nice there.
06 S Hmm.
07 I Did you go anywhere else in Australia?
09 S No, actually I wanted to ... we wanted to go over to ... Brisbane ...
13 to Gold Coast after my exams, but I didn't have time because ... like it
16 was three days away from ... school start my school starts here ... so I
20 had to rush back to Singapore ... hmm.
22 I Ok, so you'd really like to go to the Gold Coast?
25 S Yeah, just for the fun of it.
27 I Really, what about er in the Outback? Would you like to go into the [
31 S [hmm.