00 I If you had one single talent, what would it be?
04 S Knowing how to answer every questions posed to me ... well
07 I That seems to be more than one talent.
10 That seems to be a little bit greedy.
12 S All humans are.
14 I All humans are greedy. What did you do in KL?
18 S Um ... spend .. time shopping and ... eating. I like the foods there
23 specially the food in Chinatown.
26 I Is the food in KL better than Singapore?
29 S It's cheaper and um ... the food over ... at the ...
34 those wet markets and all those pasar malam markets ...
37 are very much better I think ... but not the food over in the hawker
41 centre ... the restaurants.
44 I Why? Is the food no ----

Note : pasar malam is Malay for "night market" (lit. "market night")