00 I What's your impression? You've been here for er nearly a year.
03 Do does England look different when you go back?
07 S Yeah ... it's er ... it's quite a bit different, there's just ...
10 it's a bit ... generally a little bit ...
13 The first thing you think is ... is it's a bit ...
15 more grim ... as if ... rubbish and chewing gum on the pavement and
19 the little things like that ... because Singapore being the clean aircon state...
23 but ... apart from that ...
25 I mean ... with the language being the same, it's pretty much ...
28 apart from the obviou(s) climate change.
30 It's very sort of similar cultures though.
32 I Yeah? But you you you notice the rubbish more after [being away, do you?
36 S [Yeah, you definitely do.
37 I mean you notice it in Singapore,
38 when you see a pile of leaflets, blowing around in the roads.
41 You sort of notice that quite a bit.
43 I But in er England it's so commonplace that you [don't really notice it too much.
45 S [Yeah.
46 I Yeah?
47 S Yeah. It just sort of fades into the background.