00 I So er ... you ... you like to follow Southampton do you?
03 S Yeah, I'm a Southampton fan ... unfortunately for me.
06 I (ha-ha) You, you miss watching them when you're out here?
10 S Erm ... no cos I I never really went to the Dell
12 so that's the only thing that I would miss,
14 but ... I was gonna ... I was thinking about perhaps getting
16 a season ticket or something,
18 and I might do if I, if I stay in the south I might get some matches
22 when I go back
24 but here I see all the games on ... StarSports or whatever it is so ...
26 I Right. When you saw your friends in England did you find
29 that quite strange? Have they changed or have you changed?
32 S No, the main thing they said was that ... I hadn't changed at all
35 they all thought I was gonna change alot
37 but they all just kept saying how much I was ... stayed the same.
39 And the same with them, I mean apart from different hair cuts
42 they were all ... exactly the same.