00 I What university do you think you will be applying for?
03 S Erm ... erm ... probably Nottingham ...
07 I'd a look at Durham as well but I decided that ... it's a bit far north and cold so...
11 probably Nottingham I mean ... I might try for Oxford but ...
15 I've got to have a serious think about that.
16 I Yeah? Would you like to go to Oxford?
18 S Erm ... that's the one thing that I've got to think about
21 whether I'd fit into an environment like that.
23 I Yeah?
24 S er
24 I Why ... why Nottingham ... er?
25 S Erm ... Well I looked around the campus and I thought
27 it was a really nice campus and ...
29 it offers some nice courses and
30 I've heard good things about Nottingham and the town itself ...
34 was ... seemed quite nice, cos I quite like the fact that you walk down into town
37 then you've got Trent Bridge Cricket Ground
39 and Nottingham Forest's football ground then Nottingham City's er ...
42 ground just a few minutes away from that.
43 I And Durham doesn't have any [ sports ...
45 S [ No I'm afraid Durham's a bit small for a sports er,
47 it's got like a piddly little cricket ground but apart from that.
49 I Yeah, and no football team [ there at all.
51 S [ No, no football team there, unless I want to go to Newcastle.