00 I Where would you like to go if you could go anywhere?
02 S Erm ... I dunno, I think I'd quite like to go to ...
06 like er South America or somewhere like that.
08 I South [ America.
09 S [ Yeah, I quite fancy like Cuba and places like that.
11 I Yeah?
11 S [ Yeah.
11 I [ Can you speak Spanish?
12 S No (ha), not at all (ha).
13 I No?
13 S But I couldn't speak anything like that ...
16 French or anything like that, so ...
18 I OK, er, what about ... Asia, do you y-- like to go around Asia?
21 S Yeah, I wouldn't mind com-- erm ...
23 I wouldn't mind coming back to Singapore again,
24 because it's quite a nice base to ...
26 especially if ... Mum and Dad are still living here.
28 I Yeah?
29 S Yeah, it's quite a nice place to go to other places.