00 I What did you do in Barcelona?
01 I hear it's got a wonderful night life there, has it?
03 S Yeah, it wer-- erm ... we went out a few times,
06 we were only there for three nights, so it was difficult to ...
08 t-- er sort of find ... places and that but ...
11 yeah, in the day we er ... spent one day on the beach,
13 which is not a great beach but it was alright and erm ...
16 looked round the buildings like the ...
18 er Gaudi church or whatever ... and the erm ...
22 er Barcelona stadium ... the Neu Camp, had a look at that.
25 I Really?
26 S [ That's--
26 I [ That's absolutely huge [ isn't it?
27 S [ Yeah, it was really impressive, that was really good.
29 I Yeah?
29 S Yeah
30 I Er, and the the ... cathedral's quite er spectacular, isn't it?
33 S Yeah, that is good erm ... I think they were bui---
36 they would have had scaffolding up when when we were looking at it,
38 I don't know if that's 'cos ... they always have that up there,
39 yeah, it's ... it was really nice ... to look at, yeah.
41 I Yeah? So---