00 I How come it was different from the Middle East?
02 Surely it ... fairly similar in some ways [ isn't
03 S [ Yeah, it was erm ... I don't know, it was more sort of ...
08 I think it was just more like more people
10 because Oman, well where I used to live, is more of er, it was a lot sort of
12 it was quite ... empty really ... and and the bits I used to live in in Oman
16 were sort of expat and ... not really er like sort of local
21 whereas in Morrocco we were staying in cheap sort of ...
24 towns and cheap hostels and that and it was
26 I [ Yeah?
26 S [ quite nice to see it.
27 I Did you go in-land there? Because that's quite empty as well.
30 S Er ... we didn't well we yeah got the train through it and all
32 looking out the window there wasn't much round but erm ...
35 yeah, we went to ... er ... Marrakesh
38 I Mmm.
39 S so I think that's a really nice place.
40 I Mmm.