00 I Why do you want to go to Spain?
02 S From all the hype and ... er rumours that my sister has been
06 telling me ... ab.. the the the incredible night-life, the the friendly
10 people ... and ... just basically the ... the opportunity to go and
15 see what the Lonely Planet ... person always says.
19 I Right, is is that what she tells you she's doing now?
23 S Well ... maybe I shouldn't say what she's telling me now no er ...
26 She says she's having a good time and ... er the night-life is nice, yeah.
32 I Yah ... with a a very active ... night-life. Does she get up during the
35 day, or is she sleeping all day?
37 S I'm sure she (ha ha) is a nocturnal ... er ... er lifestyle right now.
43 I Ok, where would you like to go ---