00 I What else did you do? You just stayed at the beach for the rest
02 of the time, or did you go anywhere else?
04 S Erm ... no. We actually stayed on the beach ... most of the time.
07 We would have lunch at the resort, dinner outside of the resort ...
12 and then ... er at night ... go out ... for the night life ...
17 er at at the regular bars.
19 I Was the was the food at Munchies good?
23 S Mmm ... some of the food was good. One in particular would be ...
28 the chicken in the basket. Other than that ... er some of the
31 local food the Thai food wasn't very good. It was ... er bland
37 and a bit ... Chinese ... style.
39 I Right. When you went out at night did you eat er Thai food at all?
43 S Only one night ... because we were a bit wary about whether
46 or not we would get diarrhea or some ... some illness so we were
50 a bit ... er careful on that.
52 I Ok, where would you like ---