00 I So you after you g-- er get your erm PGCE,
03 you will ... go in to a school for a few years? Or maybe do something else?
06 S Erm I'd like to do a bit of traveling, that's [ all, yeah.
08 I [ Do a bit of traveling. Where would you like to go to?
10 S Erm ... don't know, just ... I'd like to go back to Italy and go around that ... and erm ...
18 Sean went to Morocco and that sounds quite nice, yeah.
21 I Right, not not to er East Asia again?
24 S Er, yeah I'd like to come back. Malaysia was nice, we went there the other day.
27 I Right, where did you go in Malaysia?
29 S Er, we went to ... Penang for four days and then went on to Langkawi for ... four days
35 I Oh right. W-- was-- What did you see in ... Penang?
38 S Er, we went to Georgetown but we stayed in Bati Ferringi so ...
42 I Right.
43 S We ... didn't really see much apart (ha) from the beach (ha).
45 I Yeah?