00 I And what are you studying at Bath?
01 S Er, fine art painting.
03 I Mmm. And are you in the first year? Or second ...
05 S Yeah, I'm in my first year.
06 I Yeah. And er ... how many years is that altogether?
09 S Er, it's three years.
10 I Three years.
11 S Yeah.
11 I What do you think you'll do when you finish?
13 S Erm, I was thinking about doing a ... PGCE ...
16 and getting a teacher's certificate thing.
19 I Right. So you want to be a teacher, do you?
21 S Er ... not so much I want to be,
22 I think it's more a case of ...
24 if ... I need to be then I can be ... if ...
27 I Right.
27 S Yeah.