00 I But to go into town you'll have to go down the hill, will you?
03 S Yeah, we erm ... there's buses down, but walking down it's alright,
06 it's just walking back up it that's the problem (ha).
08 I So if you go out in the evening,
09 getting there is OK, but getting home is a is [ a problem.
12 S [ Yeah. It doesn't seem quite so bad in the evenings though,
14 when you're walking back (ha) up the hill.
16 I Right, right. Er, are you renting a house next year?
19 S Yeah, with erm ... three other people.
21 I Three other people. Is that quite expensive in Bath?
24 S Erm ... I think my one's quite ... cheap,
26 'cos it's only about forty pounds, but ...
29 quite a lot of them are quite expensive, yeah.
31 I That's forty pounds a week, is it?
32 S Yeah.
32 I Right. How much do most people pay then?
34 S Erm, it ranges, it can go from ... forty ...
37 to about ... seventy, 'cos I'm in the erm sort of ...
42 the more upper class bit of Bath,
44 'cos it's round the Royal Crescent and stuff,
46 so it's more expensive than ... the [ other side really.
48 I [ Yeah?