00 I How do you like Bath?
01 S Er, Bath's lovely. Erm ... I ...
04 my accommodation's in one of the ... erm
06 old Georgian ... terraced houses, so ...
09 that's nice, and so's my painting studios, so ...
11 I Yeah? Is that quite close to your university?
14 S Yeah. I'm literally next to it, 'cos I'm only in my first year, so ...
17 I live on campus, so ...
19 I [ Yeah?
19 S [ that's good.
19 I Where will you live next year?
21 S Er, next year I'm living just ...
23 'cos my university's on a hill, so I'm just going down the hill a bit (ha).
26 I That means you'll have to climb a hill to get to classes, will it?
29 S Yeah, I managed to s-- erm stay like halfway up it so
33 I don't have to go quite so far ...
35 and there was a bus stop opposite my house
36 I [ So you'll ca--
36 S [ so I can get the bus up.
37 I You'll catch a bus to class every morning?
39 S Yeah (ha).
40 I Right. Is it a very steep hill there?
42 S Yeah, it is a very steep hill (ha).
43 I Mmm.