00 I Where do you like to travel when you have a chance?
03 S Er ... I like t-- we went to erm Barcelona with ...
07 sixth form as I do fine art painting, so ...
10 that was nice, and we went to ... Italy and Venice as well,
13 I mmm?
13 S so that was ... good.
14 I Mmm. Is this your first time in Singapore?
16 S Yeah, it was my first time.
17 I What do you think about Singapore?
19 S Er, everything's very organised, and clean (ha), and precise (ha).
23 I Do you like that? Or do you find it er frightening?
26 S Erm, I think I like it ... 'cos ...
29 erm like the ... MRT system and that's a lot better than (ha) ...
32 getting the bus (ha) at home or ... getting the train, so ...
35 I Right.
35 S [ Yeah.
35 I So [ buses are aren't so ... convenient.
38 S No, they're not quite as on time as the ones (ha) here.
41 I Yeah?