00 I OK, can you tell me something about your last vacation?
03 S Er, my last vacation, I went to Cos, in Greece ...
07 with ... Sean, for a week.
08 I Right? Was that fun?
10 S Yeah, it was nice. We didn't really do much,
12 apart from sit on a beach and ...
15 we took a few day trips, but apart from that ...
17 I [ Yeah?
17 S [ we just relaxed.
18 I When you do a ... day trip, do you stay on Cos?
20 Or do you go to other places?
22 S Er there was ... trips to other places,
24 but the ones we did were just in ... like ...
26 we went to Cos town and just did a bit of shopping.
29 I Is that nice there?
30 S Yeah, it was nice. There was a big like port in the middle of it ...
33 where [ they ...
33 I [ A big fort in the middle of town.
34 S Well, not in the middle of town (ha).
36 I Yeah.
36 S [ Yeah.
36 I On the island.
37 S Yeah.