00 I Where do you eat lunch?
01 S Erm ... either I bring something ... with me like a sandwich or ...
06 I just go out and get a sandwich or something ...
08 or a meal-deal from Boots.
10 I A meal-deal from Boots. Is that er [ what do you get in a [ meal-deal?
12 S [ yy ... [ you ... get a drink, a sandwich, and a packet of crisps for ... like two fifty.
16 I Do you ever do any of your own cooking?
19 S Yes.
20 I What [ do you ...
21 S [ It's not really cooking though (ha ha).
22 I What is it?
24 S It's just sandwiches.
25 I Sandwiches.
26 S [ Yeah.
26 I [ You make your own ... sandwiches.
27 S Yeah ... it's easy to make on my way out.
29 I Have you tried to cook an egg or anything like that?
31 S No, because I don't have a stove.
33 I You don't have a..don't you have a ... a kitchen between you?
35 S Yeah. But it has a microwave, a toaster, a toastie-maker ... a kettle, and a fridge.