00 I So er how often do you get to the first lecture in the morning?
03 How often do you miss that?
05 S Well ... I really don't think this is my fault (ha ha).
08 I Why is it not your fault?
09 S Well, I think it's Paul's fault really [ honestly.
10 I [ Is it.
11 S No he's ... actually when he was there I actually went to more lectures
14 It's just ... they've erm started more courses ... in the last couple of weeks
17 and they're all sort of at ten a.m. ... which isn't a good time for me.
21 I Not a good time for you, right.
22 S No.
22 I Are there any lectures at nine o'clock?
24 S No.
25 I You ... right [ so you.
26 S [ A lot a lot of the the medics and the engineers,
28 a lot of them have nine to five every day ...
30 so I'm kind of lucky in that way, but I don't ... I don't like ten o'clocks.
34 I When's your last lecture?
36 S Six ... I er finish at six-thirty.