00 S I actually saw this guy who did give up, he was riding a bike up this,
03 up Park Street, which is one of the major hills in Bristol ...
06 and erm he was going so slowly and (ha ha) ...
09 then eventually he got off his bike and started walking,
11 we were just sitting there watching him going
13 all right, come on mate, you can do it, and then erm ...
15 five minutes later we saw him riding back down, he'd ... given up.
17 I He give ... gave up.
18 S [ Yeah
18 I [ So you you start up the hill, you give up halfway, and then you go down again.
21 S Yeah, you say sod it. [ I want to live down at the bottom.
23 I [ What do you do then? ...
25 So you you you go then go ... what to a at the bottom or what?
30 S No, we go to a pub on Fridays.
32 I Only on Fridays.
33 S On erm Fridays, because everyone finishes at about two ...
36 I [ Yeah.
36 S [ Well we don't any more, but we used to go with a bunch of people ...
39 er, sit at the pub ... and then go out that night.
43 I Yeah?
43 S Hmm..hmm.
44 I But during the week-time you don't go out [ drinking?
45 S [ Oh, no no.
46 I Never.
47 S No (ha ha).
48 I No, I can't imagine you would.
49 S No, I wouldn't dare.