00 I OK, tell me something about your lifestyle in Bristol.
03 S In Bristol? Erm ...
05 it takes a hell of a lot of willpower to actually make it to lectures ...
08 but ... at least I live right next to them which means ...
12 sort of tens minutes before I'm ... there sprinting down.
15 I Do you eat breakfast before lectures, or [ is that too ...
18 S [ No, breakfast is at eight a.m., I don't think anyone eats breakfast.
20 I Right. When you go to lectures, do you have to er ... climb a hill?
24 Is it quite steep there?
26 S No, I have to go down a hill, down a very very steep hill. It's a vertical hill.
29 I So when you go ... er home in the ... evening,
32 then you have to climb a a steep hill, is that [ right?
34 S [ Yeah. Most of us just sort of ... give up half-way.