NAE 111 : An Introduction to Linguistics


This course introduces students to the study of language and linguistics. After an introduction to the nature of language and the various fields of linguistics, the module aims to give students a foundation in core areas of the study of the English language, including morphology, syntax, and semantics.


On completion of the course, students will:


  1. fields of linguistics
  2. the nature and properties of human language
  3. morphology
  4. lexical categories
  5. the verb in English
  6. semantics
  7. language change
  8. pragmatics

For a weekly outline, see NAE 111 : Weekly Outline.


Required reading

Crystal D (1996) Rediscover Grammar, Longman. For worksheets, see Rediscover Grammar.

Yule G (1996) The Study of Language (2nd Edition), Cambridge University Press.

Supplementary Reading

Crystal D (1988) The English Language, Penguin.

Fromkin V & Rodman R (1993) An Introduction to Language (5th Edition), Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.


There is one test (30%), in which students demonstrate a competence in lexical categorization and basic syntactic analysis of English verbs, and an examination (70%).

Coordinator: Dr David Deterding, Blk A room 210, tel 460 5241, email: