NAE 214 : Phonetics and Phonology II


This course introduces students to the pronunciation of English in context, including such suprasegmental asepcts as intonation and assimilation. It also covers Singapore English as well as the way that English has changed over the years.


On completion of the course, students will:


  1. Intonation
  2. Stress
  3. Fast Speech Processes
  4. Weak forms
  5. Rhythm
  6. Singapore English
  7. Historical changes


Deterding, D H & Poedjosoedarmo, G R (1998) The Sounds of English: Phonetics and Phonology for English Teachers in Southeast Asia. Singapore: Prentice Hall.

Supplementary Reading

Roach, P. (1991). English Phonetics and Phonology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Assessment : There is one test (30%), in which students must show they can classify the sounds of English and transcribe any word of English accurately, and an examination (70%).

Coordinator : Dr David Deterding, Room 3-03-164, tel 790 3432, e-mail