NAE 112 The Study of Grammar


This course is an introduction to grammatical analysis. It shows students how grammarians go about describing the structures and functions of words, phrases and sentences in modern English. The course aims to provide students with a consistent and explicit method which they can use to describe and analyse the basic syntactic structures of English.


At the end of this course, students will:


  1. functional constituents of the simple sentence
  2. form vs. function
  3. clause types
  4. word classes
  5. the structure of the noun phrase
  6. the structure of the verb phrase
  7. co-ordination and subordination


Required reading

Cane G., Ho C.L., Kandiah T., Tan P. (1997) Encounters with the English Language. Prentice Hall Sprintprint.

Recommended reading

Crystal D. (1996) Rediscover Grammar. Longman


There will be one test (30%) and a final examination (70%).

Course Co-ordinator

Dr Graeme Cane, Raffles Building, room 319. Telephone : 460 5624. E-mail: