CAE 331 Phonetics and Phonology


This course builds on the ground covered in English phonetics and phonology in previous years. New topics introduced in this course are phonological theory and the instrumental measurement of speech, particularly Singapore English pronunciation. All topics relate to specifically English pronunciation.


On completion of this course, students will:


  1. advanced segmental and suprasegmental phonetics of English
  2. phoneme theory, and basic generative phonology
  3. the acoustics of speech
  4. the description of Singapore pronunciation using computer-based spectrograms


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Teaching format

The course comprises two one-hour lectures, and one one-hour tutorial per week.


There is one assignment (30%) in which students report on measurements of their own vowels based on a 5-minute recording, one presentation (10%) in which students describe the suprasegmental features of their speech, and an examination (60%).


David Deterding, office 3-03-164, tel 6790 3432, email: