The English Language in Singapore:
Research on Pronunciation

Edited by : Adam Brown, David Deterding & Low Ee Ling

Singapore Association for Applied Linguistics, 2000
ISBN : 981-04-2598-8

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  1. To what extent can the ethnic group of young Singaporeans be identified from their speech? David Deterding and Gloria Poedjosoedarmo
  2. Ethnic group differences aligned? Intonation patterns of Chinese, Indian and Malay Singaporean English. Lisa Lim
  3. Is lexical stress placement different in Singapore English and British English? Low Ee Ling
  4. A discourse approach to the description of intonation in Singapore English. Christine C M Goh
  5. A comparison of the pitch range of Singapore English and British English speakers. Low Ee Ling
  6. The role of intonation in the intelligibility of Singapore English: a preliminary investigation. Diane Chang and Lisa Lim
  7. A description of the English pronunciation of young educated Singaporeans: a study in multidimensional variation. Gloria Poedjosoedarmo
  8. Three or tree? Dental fricatives in the speech of educated Singaporeans. Shanti Marion Moorthy and David Deterding
  9. The [e] and [æ] vowels in Singapore English. Suzanna Bte Hashim and Adam Brown
  10. Measurements of the // and /əʊ/ vowels of young English speakers in Singapore. David Deterding
  11. Diphthongs in Singaporean English: their realisations across different formality levels, and some attitudes of listeners towards them. Lee Ee May and Lisa Lim
  12. The media as a model and source of innovation in the development of Singapore Standard English. Gloria Poedjosoedarmo
  13. Priorities in pronunciation teaching: responses from Singaporean trainee teachers and international experts. Adam Brown
  14. Bibliography on Singapore English pronunciation. Adam Brown