Phonics and Beginning Reading
A Practical Guide for Teachers in Southeast Asia

Sally Ann Jones and David Deterding

Singapore: McGraw-Hill Education (Asia)
ISBN : 9780071262187

This book offers an overview of phonics within the context of theories of reading, showing how phonics can be an exceptionally valuable tool in helping children learn to read but only if it constitutes part of a balanced reading programme.

In addition to providing a mapping between the letters of English and how they are pronounced (using standard IPA symbols), the book shows how these rules for symbol-sound correspondences can be utilised by children as they develop skills in the decoding of texts. Furthermore, the book discusses issues that arise when phonics is adopted as part of a reading programme for children in Southeast Asia, largely because of idiosyncratic features of pronunciation found in the region.


  1. Introduction (Preview this chapter)
  2. Theories of reading
  3. Consonants
  4. Vowels (More Materials)
  5. Phonics