English in Singapore : Research on Grammar

edited by : David Deterding, Low Ee Ling & Adam Brown

McGraw-Hill, Singapore 2003
ISBN : 0-07-123103-X

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  1. Topic-prominence and null arguments in Singapore Colloquial English. Ludwig Tan
  2. Subject omission in Singapore Colloquial English. Leong Ping, Alvin
  3. The grammar of ignorance: The Don't Know construction in Singapore Colloquial English. Lionel Wee
  4. Tenses and will/would in a corpus of Singapore English. David Deterding
  5. Past tense marking in Singapore English. Ho Mian Lian
  6. On the zero-plural in commercial Singapore English. Debra Ziegeler
  7. A corpus-based description of particles in spoken Singapore English. Low Ee Ling and David Deterding
  8. Features of the relative clause in Singapore English. Mark Newbrook
  9. Influences of Chinese and Malay on the written English of secondary students in Singapore. Josephine Yeo Nyuk Peng and David Deterding
  10. Common errors in Singaporean books of common errors. Adam Brown
  11. Connectors in primary school writing. Wee Bee Geok
  12. Connectives and themes in the essays of Singaporean and PRC students. Angela Loo Siang Yen
  13. Singapore primary school teachers' beliefs in grammar teaching and learning. Christian Chia Shyh Chiuan
  14. Do teachers' beliefs of grammar teaching match their classroom practices? A Singapore case study. Josephine Ng and Thomas S C Farrell
  15. Students' perceptions of grammar corrections in compositions: A Singapore study. Lee Fong Ting and Thomas S C Farrell
  16. Problems in the analysis of language in Singapore literature. Ismail S Talib
  17. Bibliography on Singapore English grammar. Adam Brown