English in Singapore : Phonetic Research on a Corpus

Edited by David Deterding, Adam Brown and Low Ee Ling

McGraw-Hill Asia (Education), 2005
ISBN : 007-124727-0

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The book includes two kinds of study based on the NIECSSE data: pronunciation of Singapore English; and intelligibility of Singapore English around the world. A full copy of the corpus is supplied with the book.


  1. The NIE corpus of spoken Singapore English. David Deterding and Low Ee Ling
  2. A checklist of Singapore English pronunciation features. Adam Brown and David Deterding
  3. The realisation of final plosives in Singapore English: phonological rules and ethnic differences. Ulrike Gut
  4. Past tense suffixes and other final plosives in Singapore English. Madalena Cruz-Ferreira
  5. Added final plosives in Singapore English. Lim Siew Hwee and David Deterding
  6. Vocalisation of /l/ in Singapore English. Tan Kah Keong
  7. Reduced vowels in conversational Singapore English. Heng Mui Gek and David Deterding
  8. Triphthongs in educated Singapore English. Lim Siew Siew and Low Ee Ling
  9. Rhythm in Singapore and British English: a comparative study of indexes. Fiona Ong Po Keng, David Deterding and Low Ee Ling
  10. Prominence in Singapore and American English: evidence from reading aloud. John M Levis
  11. Observations on British and Singaporean perception of prominence. Tan Ying Ying
  12. Discourse intonation variants in the speech of educated Singaporeans. Christine C M Goh
  13. Investigating turn-taking in the NIE corpus of spoken Singapore English. Rebecca Hughes
  14. Exchange rhythm in Singapore English in a cross-cultural context. Janice Fon
  15. Inter-accent and inter-cultural intelligibility: a study of listeners in Singapore and Britain. Anthea Fraser Gupta
  16. The intelligibility of Singaporean English: a case study in an Australian university. Andy Kirkpatrick and Neville Saunders
  17. Listening to other Englishes: British listeners on Singapore speakers. Jane Setter
  18. The intelligibility of Singapore English from a Japanese perspective. Tamikazu Date
  19. A bibliography on Singapore English pronunciation.Adam Brown

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