A Proposal For Using MOOs (Multiple-User Domains, Object-Oriented) To Teach English in Singapore Primary Classrooms

Hia Wan Ching

English Language Honours AE, NIE, 2003


This Academic Exercise seeks to propose the use of MOOs (Multiple-User Domains, Object-Oriented) to teach English in Singapore Primary school classrooms. This study begins by explaining what MOOs are and how they are used in other countries. Following a brief review of the literature where some of the benefits and concerns about using MOOs are highlighted, a proposal is made for the use of MOOs in Singapore classrooms. A questionnaire and four sample lesson outlines were used to elicit the interviewees' opinions about using MOOs. The data analysis attempts to address the interviewees' concerns and it shows that the benefits noted by the interviewees echo the views held in the literature. The concerns raised by the interviewees provide interesting insights into the interviewees' attitudes towards MOOs and suggest the need to raise their awareness of the benefits of using them. The benefits are reinforced alongside with the solutions to the concerns to propose the implementation of MOOs to teach English in the local Primary school classrooms.