Frequently Asked Questions



A platform for all NIE staffs to upload and share video content.

What is the file size limit for uploading the video?

Uploaded video is limited to a maximum size of 500MB.

Why do I need to create group?

Organizing videos into group helps to focus and facilitate discussion or comments on the related videos. Group can also be used to share private videos.

How long will the video reside in the server?

Video shall be retained for a year. However, the retention policy is also subjected to other factors like storage size, content appropriateness, etc.

How can I access the site? Must I create an account to access?

The website is accessible through the Internet. Content accessing and viewing is controlled by privacy based on access rights. NIE staffs with Active Directory account can login to the system to upload video, post comments and perform any other functions that require authorization.


How do I grant permission to others?

Public video content is accessible to everyone. Authenticated content is only accessible to NIE staffs. Private video has to be shared through a group. The interested party has to be added as friends and approval given to joined the group.

How do I invite others to view my content?

There is no auto email invitation. User has to copy and send the URL of the desired content manually.


I can't find my video after uploading?

Uploaded video has to be encoded before it can be displayed at the site. Depending on load, it may take a while. It is also possible that encoding failed due to incompatible video codec.

Is the video accessible from home?

The site is accessible to all through the Internet.

How do I know whether the video is private or public?

Video access is filtered based on the access rights of the user. Under the listing of videos and play selection, the "Privacy" label indicates the type of video.

Is the video viewable even if user is not login to the system?

User not login to the system can only access public video content.

How to embed video in Blackboard or a blog site?

Video content with "Allow embedding" option selected will have a "embed code" section when the video is selected. Copy the code within the section and paste it on Blackboard or any blog site (that support embed vide) to include the video.

Can I categories the video title?

During uploading of the video content, a channel has to be selected to categorize the video content.

What is the maximum length of the video?

There is no limitation on the video length. Upload limitation is at the size of the video.

Will the system automatically segment it for me if the video is long?

No. There is no pre or post processing done to the video uploaded. Upload video content is converted to suitable format to be displayed at the website.


What tags means?

Tags are keyword used to describe video content. With more keywords used to describe the content, it makes the content easier to be searched.